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Established in 2004, the Chinese Cultural Association (NZ) Incorporated is commonly known as CCA in Christchurch. It is a non-profit organization that promotes the vibrant and diversified culture of China. CCA also cooperates with other Asian cultural organizations to promote diversity of either traditional or contemporary Chinese arts within New Zealand. 

CCA consists of Chinese Artists, international students who are in New Zealand. It also attracts local people, residents and families who have much passion on Chinese arts and culture. The total registered membership of CCA is currently around 200.

CCA has often been involved with different sorts of performances, exhibitions and events, which have showcased and delivered spirit of arts, particularly Chinese arts as widely as possible. CCA also organizes literary appreciation lessons and salons regularly. It has trained a large number of people who become arts performers after completing the training since 2004. Some of them have participated in many different kinds of national or international performances and competitions. In addition, CCA often voluntarily host Chinese artistic visitors, help them promote Chinese culture which enriches the social life for local community.

All members of CCA who have devoted themselves to Chinese arts and commonweal projects,  taken part in events and activities in absolute sincerity and had gained high reputation, recognition and support from the Embassy of The Peoples’ Republic of China, Christchurch City Council, parties, community groups and other organizations. They have made their contribution to the multiple cultures in New Zealand and built up an important bridge and ligament for the cultural exchange between New Zealand and China