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CCA Memorabilia

Events and Activities 2016

22nd February 2016
Performance for Condolences to nursing homes
Alpine View
448 Prestons Road, Waitikiri,Parklands

27th -28th February 2016
Lantern Festival
Hagley Park

12th March 2016
Culture Galore! 2016
Ray Blank Park, Maidstone Road

02nd April 2016
CMC Centre

24th September -22nd October 2016
Photographic Exhibition
Christchurch Library

08th October 2016
CF Opening Ceremony and “HOMELAND” Show
Aurora Centre

Events and Activities 2015

3rd April 2015
Annual General Meeting

10th Chinese Festival (NZ)
11th September – 11th October 2015
Photographic Exhibition 

29th August 2015
CF Opening Ceremony and “HOMELAND” Show

3rd - 6th December 2015
9th Chinese Film Festival in New Zealand

Events and Activities 2014

22nd and 23rd February 2014
Lantern Festival  

12th April 2014
Annual General Meeting 

10th Chinese Festival (NZ)
September –October  CCA Tenth Anniversary Celebration

13th September 2014
CF Opening Ceremony & Chinese style performances show

18th September 2014
CHCH City Centre Terracotta Parade
19th September 2014
Xi’an cultural Workshop Seminar

20th September 2014
“Impressions of Terracotta” Performances show

21st September 2014
“HOMELAND” Multi-ethnic Performances Show

05th-21st September 2014
China Photo Exhibition

04th – 26th October 2014
Master Yushuin Tang Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition

04th October – 20th December 2014
TV Show “Chinese in Canterbury” (12 Episode) in Canterbury TV

Events and Activities 2013

09th and 10th March 2013
Lantern Festival

13th April 2013
Annual General Meeting

9th Chinese Festival (NZ)
09th November 2013
Chinese Festival (NZ) Opening Ceremony and China Dream Concert
11th -24th November 2013
China Photo Exhibition
21st -24th November 2013
The 8th Chinese Film Festival in New Zealand

Events and Activities 2012

8th Chinese Festival (NZ)
28th January 2012
Celebration for Spring Festival of 2012

1st February – 4th February 2012
The acrobatics performance - Sunshine In Life
12th March 2012
Lantern Festival
10th April 2012
Annual General Meeting

Events and Activities 2011

5th   March 2011
Lantern Festival

9th April 2011
Annual General Meeting

01 October 2011
We Love Christchurch Photo Exhibition
2011 Every Saturday
Tai Ji Quan Promotion Class

2011 Every Month
Chinese Culture Seminar

Events and Activities 2010

10th April 2010
Annual General Meeting

7th Chinese Festival (NZ)
19th April – 30th April 2010
Chinese Painting Exhibition - Rev.Canon Gon Loong

2010 Every Saturday
Tai Ji Quan Promotion Class

2010 Every Month
Chinese Culture Seminar

Events and Activities 2009

11th April 2009
Annual General Meeting

6th Chinese Festival (NZ)
23rd August 2009
"Impression on China" Performance

2009 Every Saturday
Tai Ji Quan Promotion Class

2009 Every Month
Chinese Culture Seminar

Events and Activities 2008

8th March 2008
Lantern Festival
6th April 2008
Annual General Meeting
12th April 2008
FTA Celebration
5th Chinese Festival (NZ)
2nd August 2008
Cheer for Beijing Olympic Games and countdown activity

2nd – 18th August 2008
Photo Exhibition "One World One Dream"

26th September – 6th October
Music Drama - Dragon Sky
4th October 2008
Chinese Race Day
2nd November 2008
Chinese Painter Assembly

2nd November 2008
"One World One Dream” Performance show

Events and Activities 2007

10th and 11th March 2007
Lantern Festival

27th March-11th April
Around the world in 30 lounges in Canterbury Museum

April 2007
Annual General Meeting

24th August-10th September 
Music Drama of Dream five cities tour

24th August       Music Drama of Dream in Auckland
25th August       Music Drama of Dream in Hamilton
26th August       Music Drama of Dream in Wellington
01st September     Music Drama of Dream  in Dunedin
10th September     Music Drama of Dream  in Christchurch

4th Chinese Festival (NZ)
22 September 2007 
Opening Ceremony

22nd  September - 06th October 2007
Chinese Painting Exhibition of Shandong Province

22nd  September - 06th October 2007
Photograph Exhibition of Hong Kong

22nd  September - 06th October 2007
Souvenir Exhibition of Beijing Olympic Games 2008

23 September 2007
Charming China show

06 October 2007
Chinese Race Day

Events and Activities 2006

28th January 2006
Celebration Chinese New Year Party

11th and 12th March 2006
Lantern Festival

15th April 2006
Annual General Meeting

8th April 2006
Performance for Children's Day New Zealand

15th April 2006
Multiple Culture Festival

3rd June 2006
International Ethnic Awareness Festival

4th and 5th August 2006
The premiere for the Music Drama of Dream

12th August 2006
Celebration for the Singapore 41st National Day

16th August 2006
Performance for the Naturalization Ceremony of CCC

22nd August 2006
Culture Festival in CPIT

11th September 2006
Performance of the Music Drama Dream in Wellington

3rd Chinese Festival (NZ)
17th September 2006

15th October 2006
Piano Player Yingdi Sun Visit to Christchurch

Events and Activities in 2005

12th February 2005
Performance for the Garden Party for Chinese New Year

20th February 2005
Barrington Big Fun 2005

4th March 2005
Friday Lunchtime Concert

5th and 6th March 2005
Chinese Lantern Festival

12th March 2005
The premiere for the Music Drama of Star Creative

16th April 2005
Annual General Meeting

12th July 2005 
Performance in Boys High School

2nd Chinese Festival (NZ)
23rd – 26th August 2005
Acrobatic Performance by Zunyi Acrobatics Group

16th September 2005
Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival show

Events and Activities in 2004

17th March 2004
Successfully registered CCA

15th May 2004
Foundation Convention of CCA

15th August 2004
Literary and Calligraphic performance for International Language Festival

19th August 2004
Culture Day at Christchurch Boys High School 

24th September 2004
2004 (1st ) Chinese Festival (NZ)
Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival show

20th November 2004
Community Fiesta Event of CCC