Taijiquan is beneficial to the human body health, had been affirmed by the people in the world, for example: Is beneficial in person's heart blood vessel and the respiratory system, the central nervous system, often practices Taijiquan to be able to strengthen the human body immunologic function, moreover also receives the very good effect in falls prevention, Shyng-Jian Taijiquan association was founded in 1997, welcome you to study, below includes some information. 


  • Instruction in traditional Yang Style Taijiquan

  • Age over 15 years old. Under 15 years old, need guardian agree

  • Eight weeks per term, two hours per week

  • Every Saturday from 3:00pm゛5:00pm

  • Location: Westburn school hall, 257 Waimairi Rd, Christchurch

  • Instructor: Master Yu-Shiun Tang (Author of TRADITIONAL YANG STYLE TAIJIQUAN A detailed explanation in Chinese & English)



Inquiry & contact

Gladys Chang
Tel: (03) 338 0207

Robbin Wang
Tel: (03) 962 6888