About New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country which mainly speaks English and locates in the south of equator, close to Tasman Sea in the west and connect to the Pacific in the east. It consists of south island and North Island.

Since the Maori people named New Zealand `Land of the Long White Cloud¨, climate has been of paramount importance to the people of New Zealand ! many of whom make their living from the land. New Zealand has mild temperatures, moderately high rainfall, and many hours of sunshine throughout most of the country. Its climate is dominated by two main geographical features ! the mountains and the sea.

New Zealand has a unique and dynamic culture. The culture of its indigenous M─ori people affects the language, the arts, and even the accents of all New Zealanders. Their place in the South Pacific, and their love of the outdoors, sport, and the arts make New Zealanders and their culture unique in the world.

New Zealand does not have a large temperature range, lacking the extremes one finds in most continental climates. However, the weather can change unexpectedly ! as cold fronts or tropical cyclones quickly blow in. Because of this, you should be prepared for sudden changes in weather and temperature if you¨re going hiking or doing other outdoor activities. Most places in New Zealand receive over 2000 hours of sunshine a year and New Zealand¨s average rainfall is high ! between 640mm and 1500mm ! and evenly spread throughout the year. As well as producing areas of stunning native forest, this high rainfall makes New Zealand an ideal place for farming and horticulture.


About Christchurch

Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island, with a population of around 300 000. It is also, arguably, the most attractive city in New Zealand, with extensive inner city public and private gardens and parks, the shallow Avon river meandering though the city centre, and a pedestrian oriented downtown centred on Cathedral Square.

It contains one of the two main international airports for the country, and is connected via a tunnel to a seaport at Lyttelton on Bank's Peninsula. Christchurch was a planned settlement founded by the English upper class, and this history is still apparent, both in the city's style and architecture, and in features like punts on the Avon, and the very English Christ's College school.

Internationally famed 'The Garden City', Christchurch's well-established expansive parks and public gardens owe much to the planning and foresight of the city's founding fathers. In 1996, Christchurch was acknowledged as the outstanding garden city from 620 international entries and in 1997, was judged Overall Winner of Major Cities in the Nations in Bloom International Competition to become 'Garden City of the World'!

Christchurch is New Zealand's foremost festival city. Throughout the year it proudly celebrates over a dozen festivals which provide a wealth of cultural and entertainment diversity. Festivals with themes of music, the arts, adventure, books, heritage, buskers, balloons, floral displays and local produce all provide a focus for the city's celebrations, whether planned or spontaneous.

Christchurch and Canterbury are famous for natural beauty and a wealth of things to do. Christchurch has a lively entertainment scene, strong cultural heritage, gorgeous parks and gardens, lots of sports facilities and good shopping.